Running Programs for the Beginner to the Intermediate
and Advanced Runner Seeking to Develop or Improve
Their Running Fitness and Skills

A team of experienced coaches offer group running programs and individual training sessions in Central New
Jersey.  Enjoy training in the spirited camaraderie of runners who have similar ability and experience in Monmouth,
Ocean and Middlesex Counties.
Join Us!

It is well documented that people achieve more success when
exercising in groups.  Our group running fitness programs have been
developed to help you meet your fitness goals and advance your
running skills in a comfortable and fun environment.  
Benefits of our training programs include:

  • Learn to Run with Proper Mechanics
  • Improved Fitness and Conditioning
  • Effective Weight Management
  • Muscle Toning
  • Training for a 5K run or up to a Marathon
  • Meet New Friends

We make running fun!
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JMac Running - Training for Runners and Aspiring Runners
with Coach John and Coach Elaine
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What's New?
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This evening's workout (Tue 11/10) is postponed to Thur 11/12 at 6:30 PM.  We
are expecting rain throughout this evening.  See you Thur!
New - Upper Body and Core Strength Training - Coach John's sensible strength and
core training program for adults.  See
Current Offerings for programs beginning the
week of
November 1.
New - Gentle Yoga - Coach Elaine's popular yoga workouts focused on active adults
and runners.  See
Current Offerings for programs beginning in early Nov.
New - Running 102/103/201/301 Late Autumn (Nov-Dec session) programs
Oct 31 are now posted.   See Current Offerings for schedule.  
Congratulations to Tami and Mike Wolfe for completing the Sloppy Cuckoo Trail Half
Marathon on Oct 11.  
- Eatontown Labor Day 5K Run - Congratulations to all who ran.  Tami Wolfe, Clelia
and Katherine Midili all won age group awards.  See Event Schedule for
more details.
New - Running 101 programs for the autumn in the Holmdel and Wall Twp/Belmar
areas will commence Sept 13 - 16.  See
Current Offerings for schedule and details.
- Join us for some Bonus Runs from 8/20 - 9/12.  Click Event Schedule -  then scroll
down to
Special Events for details.
Food Drive:  We continue to collect your food donations to help those in need.  See
Event Schedule
for more details.  
New - Running 101 Fast Track - for those who have lost their running consistency
and conditioning.  See
Current Offerings for programs beginning the week of July 20.
Independence Day - Let us remember and honor the many Americans who have
served our country to gain and maintain our independence and liberties over the
past 240 years.
- Happy Father's Day to all fathers.  We encourage you to be consistent with your
running and other exercise.
New - Running 101 programs for the summer in the Long Branch and Freehold areas
will commence July 7 and 8.  See
Current Offerings for schedule and details.
New - Our Half-Marathon and Marathon Coaching Program is posted.  This program
is targeted for races in the fall season.   You can start your training anytime from late
June  to early  August, depending on when your race is.  Pre-season Bonus Runs start
Din June for those who are registgered for the training program.  See  
Offerings for details or e-mail us if you have a question.
Memorial Day - Let us remember and honor the many Americans who gave their
lives to gain and maintain our independence and liberties and those who continue
to serve and protect us.
- May 10-16 is National Women's Health Week.  We encourage all women to take
steps to preserve their health starting with a regimen of consistent exercise.  
Congratulations to all of our runners who completed the Long Branch Marathon, Half
Marathon and HM Relay.  
- February is Healthy Heart Month.  Heart disease remains the number one killer of
both women and men in America.  A prudent and consistent fitness running regimen is
one of the most effective ways to help prevent cardiovascular disease.  Keep up with
your running and encourage others to do the same.  
Running Tip of the Week -  Proper Hydration

As the weather becomes warmer and more humid, athletes need to diligently address several factors, including proper
hydration.  If you want to be successful in distance running in these conditions, take the time to find the appropriate amount
and type of fluids that help you maintain your ability to exercise at your peak level.  Too little or too much fluid or the wrong
balance of fluids can impair your athletic performance.  We address this in detail in our training programs.  If you want more
information on this topic, you can e-mail us at: