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Target Races – Listed below are some of the races our various training groups are targeting.  
We do not recommend racing frequently.  Prudently selecting 1 or 2 is a way to celebrate your
Any race in which you participate should fit into your overall training plan and strategy.

* Eatontown Labor Day 5K - Monday September 7, 2015:  You will be treated to a great event
by Eatontown Recreation and the Sheraton Hotel.  It is a well managed race.  Afterward, we will
enjoy a great brunch in the air conditioned ballroom of the hotel.  How many races offer that?  There
are numerous random prizes - it seems like nearly one for every participant.  You get all of this for
$20.  Many 5K races charge double that and give far less to the runner.   To access the entry form,

Bahrs 5 Mile - Will return in May 2016:  Come enjoy one of most scenic courses in NJ.  The post-
race party on Moby's deck is tough to top - all you can eat steamed clams and mussels, the Shore's
"Best" clam chowder, pasta, corn on the cob, beer on tap and more.  All for $32.  For more details
and on-line registration -
to be posted.
JMac Running
with Coach John and Coach Elaine
Special Events - Listed below are special events for our groups.

Group Events:  We encourage our runners to join us for these events.  Please e-mail us if you need more details.  

Group Social Runs -

Bonus Runs (late Aug/early Sept): For those who are registered for our upcoming autumn training program
(Sept-Oct), here is the current list of upcoming Bonus Workouts and Social Runs over the next 3 weeks while our
regular training programs take a break.  We encourage you to attend some of these in order to maintain your
consistency.   If you have not yet registered for the autumn session, you may bring your registration to the next Bonus
Run you attend.

Schedule of Bonus Runs to kick off the Autumn Session:  Please e-mail us for full details for any of these runs which
you plan to attend.  
Schedule is subject to change in time or location.  We will add some other runs as well, so check
back for updates.  Please be sure to verify the day before each run.  
If no one responds affirmatively to a specific
run, then we will not be holding that run.

•        Wednesday, Sept 9 at 6:30 PM in Freehold area
•        Friday, Sept 11 at 6:00 PM - t/b/d




2014 Adopt-a-Family and Holiday Party

Holiday Party (Saturday, December 20, 6-10 PM):  We invite our many athletes and guests to join us for a holiday
celebration in Holmdel.  We will serve several of our healthy, homemade specialties along with various snack foods.  If
you wish to make a side dish to share with the group, you may do that - though it is not necessary.  We always have
plenty of food.  You can bring a beverage that you prefer to drink.  If you plan to come celebrate with us on December  
20, please RSVP so we can send you the travel directions.  

Adopt-a-Family 2014: We have a family to help this holiday season thanks to the suggestion of Beth Tonkovich.  
We are adopting the Condolucci family.  The family has teenage triplets.  One of the boys (Justin) has been going
through treatments for Lymphoma for the past 4 years.  The costs related to these treatments are staggering and
causing a great strain to the family.  A simple way to help is with cash or check (payable to the Condolucci Family) or a
gift card for Shop-Rite.  We will collect any contributions for this through January 4, 2015.  

On-going Food Drive:  For most of the past several years, the local food pantries have been struggling to meet the
demand for food from the members of our communities who are in need.  Immediately after Sandy hit us in October
2012, there was a brief surge in food donations to help fill the need.  Now that food donations have waned back to pre-
Sandy levels, the pantries are again challenged to keep up with demand.  The demand is probably greater than ever,
yet government assistance continues to decline.  

To help the less fortunate members of our community, we continue to conduct an on-going food drive.  The items that
are most needed are beans (canned or dried), tomato products (sauce or canned tomatoes), pasta (preferably whole
wheat), peanut butter and jelly and canned fruit (preferably without heavy syrup).  Any non-perishable, healthy food
can be put to use (e.g. tuna, cereals, soups, etc.)   Whenever I see one of these items at outstanding sale prices (e.g.
pasta at 50 cents a box, sauce under $1 a jar, etc.), I will buy it to donate.  Or if you find items in your home pantry that
you are unlikely to use, the food pantries will put it to use.  

You may bring any donation of canned, dry or other non-perishable foods to any of our events.  We will deliver it to the
Calico Cat food pantry.  We are currently donating these items to the Calico Cat food pantry which serves the
Middletown and Bayshore area.    We thank our runners and athletes for your support to help this dire need.  



Run/Walk to Remember Edith – (Saturday, December 6 at 10 AM): We will meet at Parking Lot D in Sandy
Hook - see travel directions below.  This was one of Edith's favorite spots.  The handicap-accessible rest room is
scheduled to be open at each parking area in the off-season.   The weather forecast is favorable - 50 with 0% chance
of rain and a gentle S breeze.  
We will meet at 10 AM!

Edith's sister, Judy and her nephew Tom will be in NJ for the weekend.  This will be an opportunity for all who knew
Edith to gather and remember her.  We will meet at 10 AM.  The group will gather and anyone present will have the
opportunity to say something to honor Edith.  Then you can run or walk on the bike path towards the light house.  It is
very peaceful here this time of year, which is one reason Edith enjoyed it.  You can run/walk whatever distance you

Afterwards, Coach John and Coach Elaine will provide some refreshments at Sandy Hook (hot chocolate, etc.)  If anyone
wishes to bring any treats (home-baked or otherwise) to share, you are encouraged to do so.  


Clinic on Stretching, Flexibility and Injury Prevention and Management - Sat, Aug 24 at 8:30 AM in Holmdel

If you plan to attend, please confirm with us.  

We put a strong emphasis on Stretching, Flexibility and Injury Prevention in our training programs.  Our runners have
benefited from this by reducing risk for injury and improving overall running performance.  No athletic endeavor is risk
free in regards to injury.  It is always possible to experience an injury.  If you do suffer an injury, the key is to address it
early and properly.  Neglecting an injury usually results in a longer recovery.  We have also observed that some runners
have become lax on the warm-up routine.  Additionally, we have been fine tuning the warm-up routine to address
needs that we see with our runners.  We are continually making improvements in what we recommend.

It is not practical to conduct a comprehensive clinic like this at the workouts as some of you finish at different times or
have to leave quickly after the workouts.  We are offering you the opportunity to have a clinic dedicated to just this
topic.  We will review our warm-up routine and post-run stretching routine including the additions and changes.  We will
also demonstrate how to properly utilize the foam rollers and massage sticks, along with other tools to help you better
recover from and avoid injuries.  These are great tools for runners if these are used properly.  If you have specific
injury–related issues, we will gladly discuss injury management with you as well.

If you come for this clinic, please bring a large beach towel or yoga mat and a dog leash or long rope to better


Holmdel Community Church Turkey Dinner: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Holmdel Community Church at 40 W. Main Street (Route 520) in Holmdel, will resume its annual home-style Turkey
Dinner benefit on Saturday, March 14.  

Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, and other home-made delicacies are served family
style.  A team of dedicated church chefs prepare everything fresh from scratch. Dessert finishes the meal with a
selection of home-made pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and fresh brewed coffee or tea.  
It is the best dinner you can
get in Monmouth County for $15.
 There is no added tax or tip.  Children under 12 are only $8.  

This event raises approximately $6000.00 each year.  In past years, the money was donated to such worthy groups as
St Mark’s Soup Kitchen, Project Paul and the Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) of the Community Outreach Group of
Middletown, Inc. The EAF helps families facing unexpected heating, medical or housing expenses to avoid eviction from
their homes.  

This is one of the great charity events we have in Monmouth County.  100% of your contribution of $15 goes to help
Monmouth County families in need.  All of the food is donated by local merchants and the church members volunteer to
do all of the preparation, cooking and serving.  Since the event is held at the Church, there is no facility fee.  All of that
allows for this to be one of the very few charity events in which 100% of the monies donated actually go to the cause
and not to pay expenses or staff salaries.  

Dinner seatings are at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 p.m.  Coach John and Coach Elaine welcome you to join us for the 7
PM seating.  If that time slot does not work, we encourage you to attend an earlier seating.  

If you wish to join us at the 7 PM seating, you can give us a check (payable to Holmdel Community Church) or cash.  If
you are planning to do that, please e-mail us so we know who will be at the 7 PM seating.   Otherwise, call Sharon
Wessel at 732-431-2372 or e-mail Sharon at ( to reserve your place for any of the seatings.  

We hope you can support this endeavor and enjoy a great turkey dinner.

- Thur Dec 26, 6:30 PM in Long Branch: Meet in front of Shaka in Pier Village at 6:30 PM.  The lights are on and the
Promenade is safe for running.  However, few people seem to be heading there.  So we encourage you to join
us this coming Thursday, December 26 at 6:30 PM for a run in Long Branch.  For those interested afterwards, we will
gather  at
Shaka for burritos, tacos, etc.  If you wish to join us on Thursday, December 26, please e-mail  us so we
know to expect you and can send you any additional updates.  

Post-Workout Social Gathering:  Since everyone seemed to enjoy our past outings at Shaka, we will do another one
after the workout this Thursday 12/26.  Shaka is the restaurant in Pier Village where we meet.  Coach John will supply a
jug of sangria or wine – that has been a big hit in past outings at Shaka.  The menu is healthy Hawaiian-style food and
is reasonably priced with menu items ranging from $3.45 for the veggie taco to $9.95 for the Big Kahuna burrito.  They
serve brown rice.  Here is the link for the menu:   It may be the best food
value in Pier Village.  

We encourage you to join us for either the run or dinner or hopefully both.  Even if you are not in the mood to eat right
after the workout, you are welcome to join your running mates inside for a drink and some conversation.

Eatontown Labor Day 5K - Monday September 1, 2014:  This remains one of the best Monmouth County road
races.  It is still focused on providing the runners and walkers a great fitness experience.  Afterward, you will enjoy a
wonderful breakfast buffet in the Sheraton Hotel ballroom and lots of random giveaways, with about half of our runners
winning a random prize and several usually earning age group awards.  To download the race flyer, click

Adopt-a-Family 2014: We thank all of you for your donations and gifts for the group’s Adopt-a-Family endeavor.  
Through your generosity, we were able to provide gifts from the list (clothes and toys) and also provide over $300 of
gift cards for grocery and clothing stores.  
Denise Marrama delivered the gifts to a very appreciative family.  

You have made this Christmas season a lot merrier and brighter for this family.  Thank you!

We will post some pictures of the assembled gifts.

Group Social Runs -

Bonus Runs (late December/early January): For those who are registered for our upcoming winter training
programs (Jan-Feb), here is the current list of upcoming Bonus Workouts and Social Runs over the next week while our
regular training programs take a break.  We encourage you to attend some of these in order to maintain your
consistency.   If you have not yet registered for one of these programs but plan to do so, you may bring your
registration to the next Bonus Run you attend.

Schedule of Bonus Runs:  Please e-mail us for full details for any of these runs which you plan to attend.  Schedule
is subject to change in time or location
.  We may add some other runs as well, so check back for updates.  Please be
sure to verify the day before each run.  If no one responds affirmatively to a specific run, then we will not be holding
that run.  

  • Thur, 12/18 at 6:30 PM: Long Branch - Pier Village
  • Sat, 12/20 at 9:00 AM: Holmdel Area
  • Sun, 12/21 at 9:30 AM: Wall Township Area
  • Mon 12/22 at 4 PM: Holmdel area
  • Tue 12/23 at 9:45 AM: Holmdel Area
  • Tue, 12/23 at 6:30 PM: Long Branch - Pier Village
  • Sat, 12/27 at 9:00 AM: Holmdel Area
  • Sun, 12/28 at 9:30 AM: Wall Township Area
  • Tue 12/30 at 6:30 PM:  Long Branch - Pier Village;  We may go for dinner afterwards
  • Thur 1/1 - New Years Day at 11:30 AM: Asbury Park, meet inside Convention Hall

- Thur Jan 1, 11:30 AM in Asbury Park: Meet inside Convention Hall's south entrance (Fifth and Ocean) at 11:30
AM.  We will do a 3 to 5 mile run on the Boardwalk (running south into Ocean Grove).   Then we can enjoy some snacks
and holiday cookies while we watch the Polar Bear Plunge.  Weather forecast calls for temperatures in the mid 30's with
bright sunshine and SW breeze.  

Polar Plunge:  There is a Polar Plunge at 1 PM.  You can see about 1000 folks go into the ocean in freezing
temperatures!  It is not for everyone to do, but it is fun to watch the others do it.    

Be sure to have Coach John’s cell # with you.  If you cannot find us at the workout location or arrive late, call Coach
John.  Convention Hall will be very crowded with people registering for the Polar Bear Plunge.
Target Races – Listed below.  For Special Events - Please scroll down.