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"This program (Running 101) is great for 1st time runners like myself.  I never thought I
could do it - Thank you!" Anonymous 11/10/09

I don't know if you recall my answer to the question: "Why are you taking this class?" at
the first session.  My answer was "I hate running and I want to learn to like it".  Well...I
think that I'm beginning to like it!  I am actually looking forward to the runs, in and out of
class.  Amazing!   Lauren 7/27/09 Running 101 student

..."Loved this class!  Thanks so much for providing such a great class for beginners."
Pamela 6/2/09

..."I never thought I was going to be able to do this.  I was so wrong"  Linda 6/14/09

..."I truly enjoyed the program and all the people in it.  The mentors were wonderful!  
Everything was so positive and really gave me the strength to continue."  Karen 8/22/08

..."This course was so well-run...Thanks for getting me started on a new exercise for life
program."  Diane 8/18/08

.."Taking this program has really made a huge difference in both my ability and confidence."
Cathy 8/20/08

..."Best thing I ever did for me."  Kate 8/23/08

..."The program was excellent and just what I needed to get going and remain
motivated!" Terri 11/18/08

..."Ten weeks ago, I was an overweight, middle-aged woman with a dream to get fit and
run in a race.  Today, 10 weeks later, I crossed the finish line at the Pine Beach 5K, 20 lbs
lighter.  I just want to tell you both how much I enjoyed the class...Thanks for the great
class and for helping me make some positive changes in my life."  Barbara 6/27/04
JMac Running
with Coach John and Coach Elaine